Patients' Cases

I hereby provide a few concise patients’ cases from my practice as confirmation of the effectiveness of homeopathic therapeutics. My medical colleagues would question the validity of the outcomes of the patients presented since their concept of the scientific evidence of therapies differs from that which I hold. And what I deem as the scientific evidence of therapeutic technologies is based on my research findings as published in my article. My article confirms that the scientific evidence of a technology, which includes therapies, is represented by the therapy's worthy successful achievements in real-life, achieved on the basis of knowledge, and not by chance.

Please take note that I do not discuss the detailed management of most of the patients which I present below. The first two problems are in fact discussed in quite some detail, however, the rest of the patients' cases are quite brief. Practitioners who wish to learn the details of the management of such patients can learn that best by sitting in or attending a case discussion meeting.

Pulmonary Hypertension

Vesico-colic Fistula


Gangrenous Wounds - First Patient's Case

Gangrenous Wounds - Second Patient's Case

Gangrenous Wounds - Third Patient's Case


Primary Hypothyroidism

Eczema First Patient

Eczema Second Patient


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