This patient was still at high school when she was suspected of something unpleasant by her family due to her rather strange behaviour as well as the appearance of her eyes. On examining her, her eyes were indeed protruding a bit, rather like someone staring very intently with the eyes opened widely. That suggested to me that she most probably was suffering from an overactive thyroid gland. I listened to her gland which revealed the noises of the increased blood flow through the gland. The results below show her thyroid hormone values returning back to within the acceptable range through the action of the therapy Natrum Mur.

This is a very dangerous condition which perhaps can be explained in layman's terms in the following manner. The condition is similar to a car's engine which is running in neutral but being revved to its absolute maximum revs nonstop while being refueled, of course, very frequently. Something's going to burn up in that engine sooner rather than later.

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