Liga2011 Congress, New Delhi.

The Liga2011 Congress in New Delhi was a peer-reviewed event. Prior to departing for New Delhi, I received an invitation to present my case to a special session organised by the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH). Five of the more than 300 colleagues who presented papers or posters were invited to this by invitation-only session. Four other colleagues from outside the Congress were also invited - they were Indian scientists conducting various high-tech experimental research on homoeopathic therapeutics. This was indeed a humbling experience to have your work selected from more than 300 manuscript submissions, and to be allowed to present a heretical view of the scientific evidence of therapeutic technologies - a view diametrically opposite to the accepted view, whether by the dominant official system of medicine, or by, for instance, many of my homoeopathic colleagues.

The webcast of my oral presentation at the LIGA2011 Congress in New Delhi on the 3rd December 2011 can be viewed via the link provided. My  presentation begins at 57 minutes from the start of this session - therefore, please move the curser carefully to position 57 to view it. The slides of my presentation can now also be viewed.

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