Vesico-colic Fistula

A male patient, aged 34, consulted me on the 23/06/2000 suffering from persistent lower abdominal pain with gas, blood and sludge in his urine. The diagnosis of the vesico-colic fistula is confirmed in appendix 1, the CT Scan report. He did not want to undergo the required surgical resection of the fistula. I prescribed Graphites from 09/07/2001 – 17/08/2001, due to the accompanying active severe athlete’s foot and thick toe nails. Graphites cleared the blood and sludge from the urine, as well as the athlete’s foot. From 17/08/2001 – 20/11/2001 Lycopodium was prescribed due to excessive flatus from ± 1800 hours, causing increased gas in his urine. Lycopodium normalised his urine before October 2001. All therapies were prescribed as ascending water low potencies twice daily. The treatment for his fistula lasted only 3 months, and its cure was confirmed by barium enema on 22/04/2002, appendix 2.

The following is a literal translation from Afrikaans to English of appendix 2:


Previous vesico-colic fistula. Patient was reluctant regarding surgery. Now completely asymptomatic.


There is clear diverticular disease of the left hemi-colon with a degree of spasm. No communication with the bladder can be seen. The entire colon is filled including the distal small bowels. No mass lesions or strictures have been noted.


Diverticular disease of the distal colon with minimal spasm, without any other radiographic complications.
No signs of vesico-colic fistula can be found.


Amin et al wrote the following:

"Thirty patients with colovesical fistula due to diverticulitis were encountered in the past ten years. Six patients did not receive any of the standard operative therapies. Four of these patients were observed for three to 14 years with nonoperative management, with little inconvenience and without significant complications. Five of the 24 patients in the surgical group died in the postoperative period. Nonoperative therapy seems to be a viable option in selected patients" [see Solkar et al as well].

The patients' fistulae were not cured by the antibiotics. The results of Amin and Solkar are in contrast to my patient’s homoeopathic treatment which lasted about 3 months and which ended in a documented cure.

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