Severe Eczema of Feet

This 49 year old female patient consulted me on 7 October 2008 due to her feet problem depicted below. Her feet had been in this state since December 2007. She was treated upcountry but was brought to the Cape Town area by family specialist intervention. She was prescribed amongst others, Promethazine and Griseofulvin, unsuccessfully. My assessment: an athlete's feet problem which got out of control due to the patient being pre-diabetic - her wounds would not heal. Her feet were burning severely, had an odour resembling gangrenous wounds, with pus oozing from between her toes. I treated her on the spot with Secale Cornutum 32c which relieved the burning pain. She however could not walk due to the pain caused by the very hard skin edges as well as the cracks in her soles.


Two weeks later her main problem was the return of itching of her soles which was relieved by warm water. She was prescribed Arsenicum Album from about 20 October 2008. She could by then once more walk without crutches. Her soles healed by about 90% by the middle of December 2008. Interestingly, her old athlete's feet itch returned during December 2008 for which I prescribed Graphites. She returned to her home upcountry after 18 December 2008, and did not consult me since. Reports from her family during 2009 and later was that she was doing well.


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