Congestive Cardiac Failure

This lady consulted me during January 2007, having been seriously ill during the preceding 3 months, so serious that her family suspected the worst. Her main problem at first consultation was severe heart failure - she received all the correct hospital treatment, alas to no avail. She continues to suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. The pictures below shows the disappearance of the oedema of her legs which extended to her sacrum which did not disappear despite the hospital treatment. The main treatment she needed was Apocynum Cannabinum, as well as Secale Cornutum for her diabetic feet.

ccf_1_15kb ccf_2_15kb ccf_3_15kb ccf_4_15kb

Her ECG's are depicted below. She suffers from atrial fibrillation treated with Warfarin and Digoxin. She unfortunately suffered a silent heart attack during late 2010 which only manifested as increasing oedema of her legs, and insignificant shortness of breath. Since the previous treatments for her condition were not effective, I administered therefore Serum Anguillae which cleared up the oedema - Serum is for a patient having atrial fibrillation with peripheral oedema, and will do nothing for peripheral oedema without atrial fibrillation, in fact, Serum will worsen the oedema. The ECG of Feb 2011 shows a right bundle branch block (RBBB), a very worrying change from the previous ECG's. A repeat ECG was made only during May 2012 since medical wisdom tells me that the RBBB would remain unchanged. However, I nevertheless requested an ECG during 2012 which surprisingly showed that the RBBB disappeared, but the atrial fibrillation remains unchanged! The change in the ECG is indeed very, very interesting - not a scientific manner of expression, which I nevertheless use to make sure that I am not making an outrageous claim.

ecg_1_small ecg_2_small ecg_3-small ecg_4_small